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Pure Savings Selection
Pure Savings Plans deliver great-tasting Nestlé Pure Life® water to your home and offer significant savings. Below you will find answers to some common questions about Pure Savings Plans.
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Can I change the number of bottles I receive per delivery?
As a Pure Savings Plan customer, you'll always receive the same number of 5-gallon bottles based on your selected plan, with each delivery. Your standard delivery of bottles cannot be split over multiple months – for example, if you're on the 4-bottle plan, you cannot get 2 bottles one month and 6 the next month. For additional information about how to change the Pure Savings Plan that you are enrolled in review "How do I change my Pure Savings Plan?" below.
How do I change my Pure Savings Plan?
For additional details or information on how to change your Pure Savings Plan, please Contact our customer service center for assistance.
Can I reschedule my delivery?
You can reschedule a delivery within 30 days of your original delivery date. Your monthly invoice will not change – you will still be charged your Pure Savings Plan fee once a month, even if you have rescheduled your delivery to a different date. If you need to skip a delivery entirely, you will still be billed the normal monthly fee. Please click here to reschedule an upcoming delivery.
Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?
You are only required to be home to receive a delivery if we are arriving to set up or pick up a water dispenser at your home. Otherwise, we make it convenient for you to manage your deliveries online, and can even send an email reminder to you to help you remember to leave your empty bottles out for collection on your next delivery day. Click here to manage your account.
What is Preferred Pricing?
As a Pure Savings Plan customer, you'll enjoy special discounts on home delivery of other products such as: individual-sized bottles of Nestlé Pure Life® Natural Spring Water, Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water and coffee.
Can I cancel my service at any time? Are there penalties?
If you need to cancel your delivery service, please call our Customer Service Center 866-214-8854. They will arrange a final pick up of equipment (if necessary) and close out your account. Please note that certain fees or other restrictions may apply depending on your plan. You can review complete details in the Terms and Conditions of Service section. If you’re moving, our Customer Service Team would gladly help you transfer your account to your new address whether it’s across town or across the country.
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